We need your help! As one of three volunteer fire departments serving Darien, CT we need fire fighters AND office/clerical staff. From paperwork to bookwork; fundraising to meeting notes/recording; event planning to budgeting. As all three of Darien's fire departments do, we operate as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. Like any non-profit, we are stretched for resources and people are our most valuable asset. You do not have to be a fire fighter to be of help, and you do not have to be trained (we will train you, at no cost to you) if you desire to be a fire fighter.

We're sure you have more questions, contact us today so we can show you all that Noroton Heights FD has to offer. We are happy to meet you in person, introduce you to members, and offer a tour of the fire house and our apparatus.

NHFD offers a lifetime of rewards, right in your hometown of Darien, CT!

We are Widely Recognized as a Top Performing Fire Department

Join as a fire fighter, office staff, or even both

All Noroton Heights Fire Department staff are fully volunteer. They give their time to the department when they can. How frequently and when when you volunteer are up to you. Make no mistake - our members stay busy. They lead full lives and work full-time jobs, many with families and extensive obligations outside the fire house. At NHFD though, you have the unique opportunity to serve the Darien community without compromising your other obligations. Generations before have served Darien in the same way, and genations to come are counting on your service.

Membership Requirements

We have two types of memberships: Fire Fighters ("Line Member") and Office Staff ("Non-Line Member"). The benefits are the same, the service you provide is different. Our requirements provide for healthy, well-rounded members without being overly burdensome. If you are interested in the fire department, there is a home for you here.

Line MemberFire Fighter

  • Medical Statement:
  • Residency: Darien or immediate adjacent town/city
  • Legal US Resident:
  • Age: 16 years or older
  • Sign Up

Non-Line MemberOffice Staff

  • Medical Statement:
  • Residency: Darien or immediate adjacent town/city
  • Legal US Resident:
  • Age: 16 years or older
  • Sign Up

Application Process & Timeline

  1. First, complete our straightforward 2-page application and return a physical copy to the fire house. We also need to receive your doctor's statement regarding your physical health.
  2. Second, the Membership Committee will contact you directly to schedule a convenient time where they will ask about your background, your interest in the fire service, and discuss relevant sections of your application. This is a friendly conversation with ample opportunity to question us about our role in the community, how you will fit into our fire department, time committments, benefits of membership, and any other questions. Committee members are also available afterward to answer follow-up questions.
  3. Within a few days the Committee will meet again, this time without you, to thoroughly consider your application.
  4. You will be immediately notified upon acceptance, and our Officers will coordinate a time to introduce you to the rest of the fire house membership.
  5. At that time you will be provided a digital building-access card, an ID, a radio for fire alarms, gear, a locker, and other items needed for the role you are training to fulfill.

Probationary Period

Learning NHFD's Standard Operating Guidelines

All members go through a six-month probationary period where they are asked to attend our monthly meeting and a monthly Probationary Members drill. You will join other probationary members through the process of advancing your skills and knowledge of the fire service. Your Probationary curriculum is a structured course we developed based on widely accepted best-practices; NFPA, NIOSH and State of Connecticut fire fighter certification guidelines.

What You'll Learn & Do

  • Respond to calls
  • Attend monthly drills
  • Monthly department meeting and probie drill
  • Memorize trucks & equip
  • Learn fire service skills
  • Fully prepared for Firefighter 1 class
  • Clean Fire Station
  • Wash apparatus
  • Weekly apparatus checks & maintenance

Voted Into Full Membership

Upon a vote in favor by the full membership, you will immediately move from Probationary status to full Membership. Congratulations! At this point you are now a full member and part of a long history of brotherhood dating back over 115 years and across over 300 members. You will have the same rights and responsibilities as the rest of the full membership, and will no longer be required to attend Probationary drills. At this point, you will be scheduled to enter the next Firefighter 1 certification course, at a time and location (usually our fire house) most convenient to you.

As a Member, you will now be able to vote on all matters before the full membership, continue to go on calls, and qualify for increasing levels of responsibility. We hold elections for line and non-line officers yearly, with the Chief's position filled every two-years by election.