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Members enjoy a variety of lifelong challenges and rewards. Time commitment is flexible. Rewards are endless. Throughout your career we offer optional, advanced hands-on and classroom training. We train all members to a minimum of Firefighter 1 certification, recognized and transferrable nationwide. Members are individually asked to annually respond to 10% of calls and 12 drills. When you show up and how often, are your choice. There's never a better time than now to explore, with no obligation, what membership can look like for you. The challenge is yours, the rewards are endless.

Who We Are

Our department is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization that provides fire protection to the Noroton Heights area of Darien, CT and responds to alarms town-wide. We are a 100% volunteer organization with advanced apparatus outfitted with cutting-edge tools and technology. Members are paged for every call, leaving their homes or places of business to respond 24/7 to the town's full range of calls, from simple alarms and major fires, to hazmat, heavy rescue, cold water rescues and even mass-casualty incidents.

NHFD was formed in 1903 after the Waterbury Farm caught fire and caused overwhelming damage because of the long response time from Darien's existing fire departments which were located too far away to provide adequate fire protection in the Noroton Heights area of town. After the fire Patrick Darley (owner of Waterbury Farm); William Dugdale; the Bennett and Dolan families; and a few concerned citizens formed Noroton Heights Fire Department to cover the section of Darien lacking adequate fire coverage. On May 12th, 1903 the Noroton Heights Fire Engine Company Number 1 was formed with thirteen men under the direction of William Dugdale.

Our History